TINY HOUSE BLUE PRINT SERVICES: Thinking about building your very own Tiny House but you're not quite sure what goes where and you'd like a detailed plan to follow? Nomadic Cabins can work with you based on your living needs and housing wishes to draw detailed blue prints of your very own Tiny House. Unlike building a Tiny House, the size of the building will not affect the cost of the blue print.

HOW IT WORKS: You let us know what you'd like in your house, we work with you over a base layout. The base layout and estimation service is a flat fee of $150. Once a design can be locked down, then we will convert the base layout into detailed blue prints. Price of blue prints will depend on man hours, but a minimum fee of $500 is standard. Please email us for more details. We also offer blueprints for our pre-designed houses at a lesser cost, please email us for more details.
TINY HOUSE RELOCATION SERVICE: So you have a Tiny House that you want to move, raise up on jack stands, secure, and connect the utilities but you don't have the truck or would just like someone else to do it? Nomadic Cabins can help you move your tiny house from one spot to another. Generally speaking we focus on relocating around the greater Austin area, but we are capable and willing to move you further distances for the price of initial service fee, man hours and gasoline. Please email us if you have more questions.
TINY HOUSE DECKS/PORCHES: So you got your new beautiful Tiny House all set out in a pristine field, but you don't want all those noisy crickets on your toes? Nomadic Cabins can come to you (as long as you are in the Austin area) and build you a deck on the side of your house. Email us for further details.
OTHER TINY STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION: If you are in the greater Austin Texas area we do offer Non Tiny House building as well. The pricing is different as you are not building a home on a mobile structure. Please email us directly at NOMADICCABINS@GMAIL.COM for further question.
FINANCING: We currently do not offer financing, but we are in the process of going through the required steps to offer financing. When we do the sky is the limit, you will be able to own your own home for the same price as a car!
SOLAR POWER: We do not currently offer solar power but we can recommend a specialist to have your house wired to go anywhere.